Unique Strategy

Unique Opportunities

We support Christian ministries who agree with our statement of faith in philosophy and in practice. Our mission is to manage KCF in such a way that it grows in assets and in distributions to support Christian ministries as God allows and God provides.

Kingdom Capital Fund is a support organization with unique opportunities for investing and giving to provide what we believe are very special results.

The board, with input from our donors, makes all investing and giving decisions. We simply desire to grow our assets and increase distributions to valid Christian ministries.

How do we do that?

  • Real Estate Projects [residual income and one-time profit centers]
  • Business Partnerships [annual financial support through marketing]
  • Individual Donations [annual gifts]
  • Estate Planning [working with constituents to place KCF in their will]

What makes KCF different from other foundations & funds?

It’s our ability to use individual support to invest in entrepreneurial projects, thus multiplying many times over the donor’s gift to the fund.

Simply put, Kingdom Capital will change the world for Christ by making sizable investments in Christian organizations that have a proven track record of Christian evangelism and outreach.

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