How can I donate?

There are many ways to give to Kingdom Capital, both financially as well as through donations of vehicles, boats, or even houses. Find out more here.

What types of organizations does Kingdom Capital Fund support?

Kingdom Capital works to change the world for Christ by making sizable investments in Christian organizations that have a proven track record of Christian Evangelism and outreach. Some of those organizations we have helped can be found here.

Are contributions to Kingdom Capital Fund tax deductible?

As a 501c3 non-profit, contributions to our organization are tax-deductible gifts.

How can I give to Kingdom Capital other than with cash?

Kingdom Capital works with WaterStone to help people use their existing complex assets, like real estate, grain, mineral rights, oil, gas or ethanol shares, to give to organizations of their choosing. To learn more about WaterStone, contact info@kingdomcapitalfund.org.