The ministry of Collision has the mission to reach every single student in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas for Christ.  It’s a movement and not a club.  Collision accomplishes its mission by student-led ministry in the schools.  This looks like students serving other students a free breakfast early in the morning at all the high schools.  This also looks like middle school students planning a huge weekly party with a great purpose of sharing the gospel and having fun.  This also looks like 150 immigrant and refugee students playing soccer on Saturdays and then having a Bible study afterwards at Gilibertos. 


Collision is also accomplishing the goal of reaching every student by starting and multiplying 2,000 small groups.  These groups consist of 6-10 students meeting together with an adult coach who helps them understand the gospel, walks with them in life, and helps them be bold in sharing their faith.  Collision’s strategic plan is to grow from impacting 1,500 students, this year, in discipleship groups a week to 10,000 by 2020. 


Collision’s partnership with Kingdom Capital is one of the great reasons that this ministry can dream God-sized dreams about reaching the entire youth population of Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.  Kingdom Capital is Collision’s foundation and has given us an incredible opportunity to solidify our base of support so we can dream about the financial growth that will be required as we embark on this God-sized dream.  Kingdom Capital is also giving Collision’s supporters the opportunity to give cheerfully and sacrificially by utilizing their current assets to multiply their gift to Collision. 


May Christ richly bless you as you consider partnering with Kingdom Capital to multiply your gift into the Kingdom of God.

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