Year End Gift Opportunity


We want to join with you this season in giving God thanks and praise for all of His gifts. As it says in 2 Corinthians 9:15, “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” Thanks to God’s gift we can have eternal life and begin experiencing His peace and joy right now. Our desire at Kingdom Capital Fund is to invest cash and non cash gifts in entrepreneurial projects to support ministries that are sharing this indescribable gift.

We are thrilled to announce a Special Matching Gift Challenge to make an immediate impact in Sioux Falls and also set up an opportunity for long term impact. For every dollar that you give, one of our partners will give a dollar to us to grant to local ministries. This is a $100,000 Special Matching Gift Challenge. That means we will disperse $100,000 for local ministry in early 2019 and we will also invest $100,000, that we pray, may be multiplied and dispersed for years to come. As of December 28, we have received $63,400. Praise God!!

Where will the funds be invested?

This is a special opportunity because we have two projects underway (Villa Home & Farm Project) and are going to be investing in two or three private equity opportunities over the next six months. Our board diligently reviews each project and investment opportunity to find the best option for putting gifts to work in order to see multiplication. If you want your gift directed to a specific project, private equity investment, or directly to a ministry we will honor your request and look forward to speaking with you.

Which local ministries will receive the funds?

We have a Ministry Support Committee that will immediately begin reviewing grant applications from ministries in Sioux Falls. We always support ministries that have a Statement of Faith consistent with ours and ministries that are focused on proclaiming the good news of Jesus in word and deed. For example, we have supported ministries like Collision and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

This is a really unique giving opportunity that we pray you will consider. You can have immediate impact on local ministry and participate in a multiplication effort that may bring about funds for years to come. Praise God for the Indescribable Gift of His Son, Jesus the Christ. We want to do everything we can to share that gift with the world. Thank you for your support of Kingdom Capital Fund and may God bless you this Christmas season with His peace and joy.

All year end gifts must be postmarked before the end of the year. You can also contact us to have one of our team members pick up the gift or have further conversation. Please feel free to reach out to Rich Merkouris at

Mailing Address:
Kingdom Capital Fund
5735 E. 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57110

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