Dial Investment


As many of you know, our strategy at Kingdom Capital Fund is unique and two-fold. We must first grow our financial capital, so that, second, we can have a dramatic impact for Christ here on the earth. We seek to grow our financial capital by investing individual support in entrepreneurial projects and multiplying donors’ gifts to the fund. Those gifts are then sent out to ministries doing Kingdom work. 

Specifically, we have three main “pipelines,” if you will, to multiply dollars for the Kingdom. 


First, we assist donors with estate planning, establishing donor-advised funds, or converting cash or non-cash gifts to a ministry we’ve partnered with, or one of their choosing. While this may seem daunting for some donors, it’s an area where we have expertise and can really simplify this for our donors. In essence, we simply help donors pass through their gifts to the ministry of their choosing. 


Second, we invite our donor partners to join us in profit-making opportunities or projects that we believe God will bless and multiply profits for His work. A wonderful example of this was the Sunset Harbor project, which you can read more about on the front page of this newsletter. 


Third, we invite donor partners who have a desire to invest with us, in hopes of multiplying their gifts through various public or private equity passive investments. Sometimes, these investments have been purchased by donors and then gifted to Kingdom Capital, where we hold the investment and use the income or profits for ministry. Other times, we pool our donor dollars to purchase a new investment, which was the case in our recent Dial investment opportunity.


A passive, private equity investment opportunity recently captured our interest and met our investment criteria. We invested in an independent living project in Arlington, TX, near Dallas, in hopes of doubling our investment to Kingdom production within five years. Several members of our board personally contributed to Kingdom Capital Fund $50,000 in a matching fund.  It was a true match.  In other words, if we didn’t get it matched, it went away.  On the other hand, if we got it matched, it turned into $100,000.  The wonderful news is that, upon offering it to the community, it was matched and therefore doubled once already!  Lord willing, the investment will double again, effectively quadrupling donor gifts and resulting in over $200,000 for the Kingdom!  The investment has now closed and we have secured our equity position of $105,000. Please join now in praying that, by God’s grace, this investment will double again.