Adams Thermal Foundation - Ethiopia Update


Kingdom Capital has helped to fund several pivotal projects for Adams Thermal Foundation in Ethiopia.  In January, one of our founding board members, Kent Huisken, was blessed with the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and witness God at work there.  The following is an update from Kent regarding progress on these projects.


Hosanna High School

Beginning in April of 2016, Adams Thermal Foundation started construction of a new, 3-story high school building on the campus of Adams Thermal Academy in Hosanna, Ethiopia. The concrete structure represents phase one of a two phase design and includes 10 new classrooms, bathrooms, a computer lab, science lab and teacher offices. The classrooms can accommodate 400 additional students and are equipped with audio visual equipment to assist teachers and enhance learning. The facility is wired for high speed internet and the science lab is fully equipped to support biology, chemistry and physics experiments.

The classrooms were opened in September of 2017 to the first high school class in the history of the school. Adams Thermal Foundation Ethiopia applied for and obtained government certification to conduct preparatory classes for college and technical school (grades 11 and 12). Grade 11 was added this year and grade 12 will be added in the fall of 2018.

The computer lab, science lab, teacher offices and bathroom spaces were completed in December of 2017, and are currently being furnished for use in the coming weeks.

There are no other structures like the new Hosanna High School in the region and it has already gained a reputation as being the best high school in the city of Hosanna (population 85K). God is truly glorified as the “poorest of the poor” are welcomed in Jesus’ name to attend school at the best facility in town. Teachers, parents and students take great pride in their new school and express their gratitude openly, giving thanks to God and His abundant provision for them. Education is a key to poverty relief.


2017/18 Enrollment Expansion

Adams Thermal Foundation continues to expand and grow its Child Sponsorship program as a long-term sustainability strategy. Currently, the program covers 600 of the 1,100 children enrolled at Adams Thermal Academies in Ethiopia. Until more sponsorships come in, the organization cannot enroll additional students, including those attending the new high school.

The 2017/18 Enrollment Expansion project funded by Kingdom Capital and OREO Farms made it possible for 300 additional students to enroll full-time at Adams Thermal Academies, including the first- ever Grade 11 class. Adams Thermal Academies enroll only the “poorest of the poor”. The easiest and best way to make an eternal difference here is by sponsoring a child. It’s easy and affordable. Check out:


Feeding Project

Additionally, one of the two schools had no water and thus, no lunch program.  This community’s generosity allowed a newly engineered and built spring fed, gravity system to supply enough water to launch the lunch program. 

The purchase of a food truck has allowed the procurement of food, provided from local farmers and merchants.  Whereas before, the kids without the lunch program were noticeably unhealthier. Today, the kids look great and are able to focus in school.

God has multiplied blessings upon blessings and your gifts have gone so far and are having a ripple effect that will transform lives for generations.  Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts.  Thank you for your support.