2018 End of Year Recap


Happy New Year,

We are thankful for another year to live out the mission God has given us at Kingdom Capital Fund. There are two things I want to share with you at the beginning of the year. You can watch the video above or read on to get exciting updates from us at KCF. 

First, We are praising God and want to give you thanks. Thanks to the generosity of many, we received $109,750 in December towards our $100,000 Matching Challenge. Therefore, we have received the $100,000 matching gift to be distributed to local ministries in 2019. Our Ministry Support Committee is already reviewing grant applications and initiating conversations to get those funds distributed so ministries are resourced. The $109,750 is being invested in entrepreneurial opportunities that our Investment Committee has researched, we pray that through these investments funds will be multiplied. 

Secondly, we are excited to be coordinating the God as CEO movement. It is a movement focused on helping everyone make Christ the cornerstone of their work and businesses. We desire to see every business seek first the Kingdom of God. Check out the opportunity below to attend the first God as CEO workshop in 2019.  

On behalf of Kingdom Capital Fund, thank you for your partnership and willingness to hear about the work God is doing through KCF. We look forward to seeing you and deepening our relationships in 2019. 



Rich Merkouris
President, Kingdom Capital Fund

Katie Bobbin