2019 Crop for the Kingdom


We are quickly coming upon a new farming season. We are excited about the opportunity make a different around the world through a special farming project sponsored by KCF.  God showed up in a big way in our previous farm project and we are praying for that to happen again. 

The 2016 Farm Project was dedicated to help the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia — children living in poverty, a poverty most in the US cannot understand or fathom. The Lord provided the best harvest to date from the land source, providing 209 bushel corn and 67 bushel beans. It is easy for me to look at all the well laid plans to achieve this great crop, and take some of this credit, however it is God and God alone who blesses the hands that obediently do the work!

There were many participants in raising the inputs and covering the costs to run this farm for one growing season.  We collected seed from Monsanto, insecticide and herbicide from Dow Chemical and Winfield, fertilizer and chemical application from Chandler Co-op, grain storage, drying, and marketing advice from Chandler Feed Company, crop consulting by Centrol Crop Consulting, grain delivery from the farm to the elevator by ACE Farms, and cash contributions as well. Many individual farmers also helped plant, spray, and harvest these crops along the way as well. We are honored and so, so grateful for this level of support.

As Spring 2019 approaches there is still time to participate in this project! You can give cash or non cash gifts such as labor or supplies for this project. Your gift will be put together with those already committed and together we trust God will bring about a bountiful harvest that will support this big ministry effort in Africa.  . Many of the above donors from 2016 have eagerly agreed to get involved again in 2019. This crop will be put towards supporting Partners Worldwide as they lead a new initiative called Blueprint 2020: Partnering to end poverty in the Africa region. To learn more about this particular ministry, read our recent article about the Ministry Impact: Blueprint 2020.

If you are interested to learning more about how you can directly get involved with this farm project, please contact Rich Merkouris at rich@kingdomcapitalfund.org or call him at 605-261-2587.

Visit the Partners Worldwide website to see some of their latest stories and learn how they are making a difference both now and for eternity in areas previously full of despair and poverty.


Select the images below to learn more about our multiplication model and how you are able to get involved.

Katie Bobbin