A Match for the Joy Team!


It’s March Madness which brings back all sorts of memories from my basketball career. It wasn’t exactly illustrious but I blame that on my short stature. I wanted to be on a winning team. I wanted to be part of something impactful. Those are common desires for all of us. You are invited to join the “Joy Team” at Kingdom Capital during this March Madness. Why is it called the “Joy Team”? Our team is resourcing ministries to proclaim Christ; and Jesus Christ is the source of joy. Therefore, we rejoice because joy is spreading and anytime Christ is proclaimed, we should rejoice. 

Being on the Kingdom Capital Team allows you to make an impact all around the world with one gift. Our diversified support means that you can make an impact here in Sioux Falls, along with supporting those in Africa and Ukraine. You will read in this newsletter about the work being done in the Sioux Falls area through Collision. These Collision students are being discipled, which means homes throughout our community now have a follower of Jesus in them, therefore impacting the whole family. Not only is our team impacting Sioux Falls but we are making a difference in Africa where Partners Worldwide is breaking cycles of poverty. 

This Spring we are building off the momentum of our 2018 Year End Matching Challenge where we invested $100,000 for long term growth and are giving $100,000 to local ministries. We now have a second $100,000 matching opportunity! One of our teammates will give us one dollar to distribute to ministry anywhere in the world for every dollar that you give this spring; up to $100,000. That means we can put $100,000 to work into a project or investment to be multiplied for ongoing support of ministries in the future. We also get to distribute $100,000 for immediate ministry work around the world.   

There is no greater joy than participating in the work of God. You are invited to make a donation to Kingdom Capital Fund before June 1 to participate in our Spring Matching Campaign. However, before you write a check please consider having a conversation with us at KCF.

I would love to have a conversation with you today. I’ll simply listen to understand your passions and together we can converse about ways you can use your assets to support different ministry work around the world. There may be a more effective giving avenue for you such as the donation of land, goods or services that may mean more resources for the Kingdom. 

Together, we can be a winning team that is making an impact for Christ all around the world. I hope you enjoy reading the other articles to catch a glimpse of the impact our team is making. Join us today!!

Rich Merkouris

Kingdom Capital Fund President



Katie Bobbin