Thank You Joy Team

Kingdom Capital Friends, 

We are thrilled to share that God provided and our goal was met for our Spring Matching Campaign. Thank you to everyone that joined the Joy Team. Christ will be proclaimed thanks to your generosity and when Christ is proclaimed we rejoice. $100,000 will be invested within the next month towards a great investment opportunity that our team has researched, and believes will provide a great return to multiply the impact. We will also grant $100,000 to ministries. We know that $50,000 of it will be granted to the Dawson McAllister Association. Our team is reviewing other grant applications and the remaining amount will be granted within the next couple of months. 

Thank you for your partnership and please let us know if you would like to converse about opportunities or ideas regarding how you can use all of your assets, time and talent for building the Kingdom. 

Goal 2.png
Katie Bobbin