Paws Pet Resort Giving


It’s an honor to share with you exciting news on behalf of Kingdom Capital Fund. We are thrilled to be building the new space for Paws Pet Resort, and we are working closely with Vince and Jeanine Lubben to make this project a reality. Kingdom Capital Fund is a Christian foundation that specializes in bringing together cash and non-cash gifts (land, construction goods, professional services, etc.) in order to disperse profits to Christian ministries. 

Kingdom Capital Fund will be the developer and C-Lemme has agreed to donate their general contracting services to help the overall profitability of this venture. Paws Pet Resort will still pay full price for the building so any donated goods and services will become a gift to Kingdom Capital and be used for blessing ministries.  

Secondly, just as C-Lemme has donated their general contracting services and Grand Prairie Development has gifted the land to help Kingdom Capital to maximize the profitability; we are looking for other contractors and suppliers who are willing to donate goods and services or discount goods and services so a deeper impact can be achieved.  There are tax benefits to giving in this way and we are happy to discuss them with you.

For additional information you may attend an open house informational we are having in August. You can stop in anytime during that open house for some appetizers and ask questions about the project. If this date does not work for you, we would love to meet with you personally to explain further or answer any questions regarding this bidding process. We recognize this is an unconventional method but is a unique opportunity to make a big impact using all of our skills.

Our goal is to raise $600,000 through this project. Half of those funds will be given to a Christian ministry such as Mission Haiti, Hope Harbor, Call to Freedom, and other. The other half will go back to Kingdom Capital Fund for disbursement towards additional non-profit organizations. Your participation in this project would be a blessing to orphans in Haiti and other individuals around the world who are impacted by the ministries that Kingdom Capital Fund supports. Thank you for receiving this letter and may God establish the work of your hands.



 Rich Merkouris

President, Kingdom Capital Fund / (605) 261-2587

If you would like to submit a bid on this particular project, please complete the below form and we will reach out to you with the blue prints and additional details.

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