Farming for the Kingdom


We are excited to announce a Farm Project for 2019 where people can come together to make a big difference. This project will allow multiple donors to provide gifts such as land, seed, labor, cash, etc. to impact many lives for the work of God’s kingdom.   Check out the following recap of what happened in 2016 and we are praying for a similar impact or greater in 2019. 

In 2016 Kingdom Capital Fund was given the use of a half section of farm ground for one growing season.  KCF staff worked with the suppliers of seed, chemical, fertilizer, drying, storage, planting, harvesting, etc. and asked all these inputs be donated to this farm project.  We engaged others for donations of cash to help with items that were not donated.  The outcome of this project yielded $167,000 for Kingdom Capital Fund which was dispersed to ministry.

We praise God for the success in 2016 and we believe God will deliver a special harvest in 2019.  As it stands right now we have land that has been given to KCF to manage and use for one year. Chandler Agronomy Center has agreed to donate seed, fertilizer, chemical, and application, Chandler Feed and Grain has agreed to help us market the grain as well as dry and store the grain, and ACE Custom Farms has agreed to help get the crop planted and harvested.  So, we are well on our way to creating a farm project to impact the kingdom in 2019.  Of course we still need some cash to cover some items such as crop insurance, irrigation expenses, property taxes and other misc. expenses.

If you are a farmer or landlord who has land, whether it be a small corner field or a section of land and would like to work with Kingdom Capital Fund to take that land and multiply the impact for the kingdom - let’s talk.  If you are a farmer who raises livestock and you feed all your grain, let’s talk about how you could potentially raise livestock for the Kingdom.  If you are not a farmer but can contribute some cash for this project we would like to talk to you.

The picture below was taken in the fall of 2016 at harvest with all those that helped with the farm project.  We plan on doing another 2019 photo for all those who participate in this project.  So please take a step today by contacting Rich Merkouris to see how you can be a part of this project.