Ministry Impact: Blueprint 2020


Kingdom Capital Fund has recently approved a new ministry to support.  Even though the partnership is new to Kingdom Capital Fund, Partners Worldwide has 20+ years of experience working to end poverty through the use of business. Partners Worldwide works with locally-led organizations in countries struggling with poverty to support business growth and job creation so that people can be equipped to step out of poverty. KCF was asked to support a new initiative called Blueprint 2020: Partnering to end poverty in the Africa region.  This is a 4-year plan to take Partners Worldwide biblically-rooted business training, which is now in 13 languages and 31 countries around the globe, 12 of which are in Africa, and scale it carefully and wisely to multiply the number of families and regions they can successfully support.  

KCF is supportive of the philosophy of Partners Worldwide, where they believe business is the way to end poverty. This business approach fits strategically into the KCF model.  We have a proven ministry that is taking the gospel and biblical principles wherever they serve, and they are multiplying the dollars received, combined with ethical business training to build a model that will last for generations to come.  The proven best business practices model will be the basis for expanding the reach of the gospel and ending poverty in these regions.

Partners Worldwide believes these principles will help guide this project:  1)  God desires all people to flourish.  2) Business is a holy calling.  3)  Business is the way to end poverty and 4) Business is Ministry  - when done the Partners Worldwide way.  

The total budget for the Blueprint 2020 initiative is $3 million.  KCF is being asked to provide $600,000 ($150,000 per year for 4 years) to make this project possible. Partners Worldwide will be working with their additional supporters to fulfill the remaining financial needs.

KCF will take the time, talent, and treasures of our friends and supporters in our region and multiply these gifts to make the Blueprint 2020 possible. This is a faith based commitment. We only have the first $150,000 in hand - the other 3 commitments will only happen if our KCF family gets involved like you have in the past, and together God will produce the results.  

Visit the Partners Worldwide website to see some of their latest stories and learn how they are making a difference both now and for eternity in areas previously full of despair and poverty.