Land Endowment Program

In talking with land owners it is interesting to hear of how land has a very emotional aspect and I wonder if God created this attachment to the land way back in the Garden of Eden when he gave Adam the mandate to manage the garden and be its caretaker.

Many family farms have been owned for a very long time by the same family.  Many times there is a record of a family farm going back three and four generations.  There is a lot of history that goes along with the family farm, mostly good, however sometimes in the process of farming the land fingers and arms have been lost due to heavy equipment use and at times even the loss of life.  All the joys and sorrows becomes part of the history of the family farm.

As Ecclesiastes states, there is a time for everything.  Just like the family farm, there may come a time when the farm needs to change ownership.  Does one consider a public auction or a sale to the neighbor? 

One option many land owners are considering these days is making a gift of land to their church, school or foundation.  This creates a charitable deduction which can be a very beneficial tax planning strategy.  But what about all the family farm history?   What happens to the legacy behind the land? Is this the end of the legacy of the family farm?  Often time these types of institutions sell the land after the gift is made as they do not desire the work associated with land ownership.   

What if there was a way the family farm could continue on with an entirely different purpose?  A purpose to help fulfill the great commission of bringing people into a relationship with Jesus Christ!  I think as you continue reading you will come to the conclusion Kingdom Capital Fund has an opportunity to keep the family farm intact and have the farm continue its legacy with a whole new objective!  Wouldn’t you like to know after all the years the land has yielded its produce for the family it is now going into production for the Kingdom of God?

God is the CEO of Kingdom Capital Fund and we are always trying to be good stewards for what has been entrusted to us to manage.  No one knows the future and our board, through discernment, , and prayer must always be prepared to sell land holdings to accomplish strategic ministry opportunities as well as take advantage of changing land use laws or other external forces which could potentially create a circumstance where the land may become devalued.  For example, if a landowner living on the edge of town donated a nice piece of farmland thinking someday this land could be used for future development but KCF later found out the City had plans to convert adjacent land into a sewage treatment facility. There is no way of knowing for sure in every instance what circumstances could arise which would lead KCF board to the decision of liquidating a piece of gifted land.  However it is the intent of the Kingdom Capital Fund Agricultural Land Endowment to retain ownership of the land for generating income for future ministry gifts long into the future.  We plan to identify each gift of land and keep the family name as the identifier for the contribution of that particular land gift.

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