Multiplying Your Talents for God’s Kingdom. 

Kingdom Capital Fund is a Christian 501c(3) non-profit. We invest cash and non-cash gifts in entreprenuerial projects, and use the profits to support ministries sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


The Need

Kingdom Capital Fund invests and organizes projects to resource ministries meeting four urgent needs in the world:

  • Gospel shared with all people

  • Spiritual leaders trained and mobilized

  • A community of discipleship available to all people

  • The Word of God shared while meeting the needs of the least of these


Our Mission—Meeting the Need

That’s where Kingdom Capital Fund comes in. Our mission is to financially support ministries that are expanding the Kingdom of God by multiplying business ventures God has provided. In short, we bring together cash and non-cash gifts, including labor and expertise, from a variety of donors. Then, we invest those resources in entrepreneurial projects, multiplying profits and distributing them to support Christian ministries.

We focus on finances so the ministries we support can focus on spreading the Gospel, growing disciples, and serving the least of these.


Our Stewardship

At Kingdom Capital Fund, we seek to multiply our assets and our distributions so we can be a reliable partner for the ministries we support. Our board, with input from our donors, makes all investing and giving decisions based on business acumen and Biblical principles.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • 100% of Kingdom Capital funds and proceeds are dedicated to Christian Kingdom work

  • We only support Christian ministries that align with our statement of faith in philosophy and practice

  • Biblical principles guide all Kingdom Capital Fund investing and giving

  • Kingdom Capital Fund should not be the recipient of tithing; those are for the church

  • Our board members manage the fund by combining business acumen with a ministry mindset

  • All Kingdom Capital Fund board members and employees, by the grace of God, acknowledge and live out our statement of faith.