God as CEO Interview - Introduction


God as CEO is a movement for managers, business owners, and those that seek to be a Christian influence in their workplace. In the coming months, we will have people share how they are living out their faith in the workplace. 
If you or someone you know has placed God as the CEO of their business please share with us at info@kingdomcapitalfund.org.

In 2019 we are working to encourage all of you in your businesses and your companies to make Christ the cornerstone of your work. Sometimes we need to hear what God is doing in other people lives in order to encourage us. Amos Buelow is going to be interviewing different people in their businesses to help share their testimonies and stories.

If you or someone you know would be interested in sharing their testimony, please contact us at info@kingdomcapitalfund.org. An interview would take 20 minutes and we would break down the video into a 3-minute segment featuring highlights on how your business has been impacted, how you are putting God first, and what your continued goals are to encourage others around you.

Katie Bobbin